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CONNECT EMPLOYMENT SERVICES INC. is a not-for-profit employment service for adults with intellectual disabilities.

Our community is enriched when all members of the community are encouraged to participate to their fullest potential, and have opportunity and supports that enable them to do so. For our community to continue to flourish, it must embrace and encourage the growth of all of its citizens, including people with intellectual disabilities.

We believe that all people deserve the opportunity to work and participate in the community, where they are respected and rewarded for their efforts, skills and accomplishments.

We value the diversity of all people, and support people with a wide range of abilities and goals to participate in work at a level that respects their interests and abilities.

We understand that everyone has an essential need to develop meaningful relationships and opportunities to participate in social activities. We support people with intellectual disabilities to develop meaningful and fulfilling relationships with others in the community.

We support people who want to work in an integrated community setting - in a job of their choice, respective of their interests and abilities.

We offer services to help people work - including assistance with transportation training, job training, and the development of social connections with peers and in the workplace.

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