Employers FAQs

Read answers to some of the most common questions employers ask us:

How much do your services cost?

Connect does not charge any fees to the employers, or jobseekers, we provide services to. We are fortunate to receive funding from the Province of Manitoba to offer our services to people with intellectual disabilities and the business community. Together, we hope to build a more diverse, inclusive community and workforce that values the contributions that people with intellectual disabilities can make.

What other businesses have your partnered with?

The list of employers we work with is always changing, because we are constantly finding new jobs for new people we support. If you take a tour of our website, you will find examples of many employers we have worked with. Check out the Success Stories, Testimonials and Partners areas of our website to learn more about the businesses who have worked with us.

How do your services work?

Connect can offer you a range of services to help you to recruit, hire, train and include a new employee with an intellectual disability into your workforce. We like to start by learning about your company, and finding out what types of staffing needs you have. From there, we can identify candidates that would fit your needs, present you with resumes to consider, coordinate interviews. The process looks different for each company and situation, so we encourage you to reach out and chat with a member of our Job Development team, and we can provide you with more information.   

How much do I pay a candidate that I hire from Connect?

If you hire a candidate from Connect, you would pay them the same rate you would pay to any other hire for that role.  We are a non-profit organization, and do not charge employers any fees for hiring our candidates, or for any of the support services you or the candidate may require from us.   

If I hire a candidate from Connect, how long will you be involved?

Our involvement typically starts during the recruitment process, but we hope to work with you and the candidate your hire for a long time. Our services and supports don’t end when you hire a candidate. We can continue to support you and your new employee with onsite job coaching and training during the onboarding process, and the supports continue to be available over the long term. We also know that employee retention is important for your business, so we will strive to provide regular follow-up visits for as long as you and your employee need it.  

What are the risks to my organization, if any?

Your risks from hiring from Connect are no greater that the risks of hiring through any other option. In many way, your risks may be less, as we pre-screen candidates, provide interview supports, job coaching and long-term follow-up supports to encourage employee retention.   In terms of safety, numerous studies have shown that people with disabilities have better safety records  in the workplace that the average employee.

Are your candidates looking for paid work or volunteer opportunities?

Our ultimate goal for all the people we support is to find paid employment. Many candidates who come to our programs may be interested in volunteer opportunities as well, and others may be looking for short-term internships for the purposes of skill-building or career exploration.

If I choose to work with Connect, who will select the candidate(s) for my workplace, and how can I be involved?

We encourage our employer partners to follow their typical process for selecting and evaluating candidates. We can provide you with a number of pre-screened candidates, provide you with resumes and references, and coordinate interviews. We think it’s important for you to be involved throughout the process – you know your business best, and who will fit best with your team.  Of course, if you are not able to be involved in every stage of the process, we can screen and interview candidates and make a selection for you based on your requirements.

Do your candidates need expensive accommodations?

The majority of our candidates require minimal to no accommodations. For those that do require some accommodation, the cost is usually low or even no-cost. Often simple accommodation, such as adjusting schedules, or allowing for job coaching supports are all that is required to support a new employee with a disability.

If I hire a candidate from Connect, and they aren’t able to do the job, what can I do?

Our goal is to match you with a candidate that is going to bring value to your business, and to support you and your new employee to be successful. As with any person you hire, it will take training and time to determine if a new employee can do their job to your standards. In some cases, you may even need to offer some reasonable accommodations to your new employee.  You are not obligated to continue employing someone who can’t do their job, and this is also true for employees with disabilities. 

How can I learn more about intellectual disabilities?

The term “intellectual disability” refers to a disability that typically affects reasoning, learning, problem solving and adaptive behavior, although the degree to which any particular individual is impacted varies. Many types of disabilities can be classified as intellectual disability, including Downs Syndrome and Autism. The most important thing to know is that people with intellectual disabilities are capable of working, and are often considered among the best employees in the companies that hire them.  Reputable sources for more information about people with intellectual disabilities can be found at these websites:

Inclusion Canada


People First of Canada


Canadian Association for Supported Employment


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