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Transition Planning

To ease your transition from high school to our employment services, we would be happy to participate in school-to-work transition meetings. And if you are eager to learn more about working during summer breaks, you may want to try out our Summer Work Exposure Program.


It is important to have a plan. Part of the service we provide to all jobseekers is developing a Workplan. The plan identifies your interests, abilities, strengths & challenges, potential work opportunities in the community, and the supports required to achieve your goals. 

We realize that finding your first job is just the beginning. We all deserve the opportunity to grow, try new things, or make changes in our lives. Connect will review your Workplan with you each year to review your goals and how we can support you on your work journey.

Employment Preparation

Finding work is a job in itself, and you need to be prepared. We can help you prepare for looking for work, and to become successful at work by:

  • writing a professional resume.
  • learning effective ways to search for jobs.
  • learning about the labour market
  • learning about employer expectations.
  • preparing and practicing for interviews.
  • and much, much more!

Job Search Assistance

At Connect you will have the support of a team to help you find work. We will focus on sharing your skills and abilities while we help you build connections in the community.

Our experienced staff will help you:

  • find employers and job opportunities that are a good fit for you
  • write resumes and cover letters
  • complete application forms
  • market yourself to potential employers
  • prepare for interviews
  • promote you to employers

Transportation Training

Many of the people we help use public transportation. We can help you with planning your bus routes, and learning how to take the bus to work.

You may also qualify for financial help with the costs of taking the bus. We can help you learn about and apply for funds to help with transportation costs.

Job Coaching & Training

Once you find work, we can help you and your employer to develop a training and support plan. We are here to help you become successful in your new job, and our supports can include everything from:

  • assistance completing paperwork
  • attending orientation session
  • job coaching
  • troubleshooting issues at work
  • negotiating for accommodations
  • building effective relationships with co-workers and supervisors
  • ongoing skill development and career planning

Once you are settled in and have learned your job, we will adjust our supports and decrease our day-to-day involvement as you become more independent. 

Long Term Support

What happens after you find a job?    

Most people we support, and their employers, find it helps to have support from Connect long-term. The goal of this ongoing support is to help you continue to grow, build new skills, and meet the expectations of your employer. Once you are working independently, your Connect staff will typically contact you, and your employer, once per week. They will ask questions about how your are doing at work, and whether you need help with anything. If you do need help, we will arrange to provide you with extra supports. We may contact you by visiting you at work, by calling, emailing, texting or video-calling.   

If you happen to lose your job, or decide you want to change jobs, we will discuss your options and try and provide help to find new work.

Developing Social Connections

One of the keys to being successful at work is developing healthy relationships with your co-workers and supervisors. We will help you meet your co-workers, learn about your workplace culture and explore opportunities to participate in social opportunities at work.

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