Jobseekers & Families

See what jobseekers and families have to say about their experiences working with Connect Employment:

Our relationship with Connect goes back 20 years, and our experience has truly been beneficial. Through Connect, Danielle has received positive work placements and learning experiences that have improved her life immensely. In Danielle’s honest and perceptive words, “They do not give up on people.”

Danielle, Marg & Paul, Jobseeker & Family

Connect is good. They helped me get transferred to a new location within the company that was more suitable for me.  They are good at helping to explain things when I need help and are there when I need them.

Karen, Jobseeker

Connect has helped me explore and find new experiences.

Lauren, Jobseeker

Connect employment staff work with you to get to know you and find something that is a comfortable fit for your needs and wants and make sure that you have everything you need to be successful in your job. The program has helped me gain many skills and continue to grow in my working life.

Alexander, Jobseeker

Without them I definitely wouldn’t be in this position. I probably wouldn’t even know about this job.

Kristin, Jobseeker

I love my job at K9 Storm.  They make me feel like I’m a part of their family and always compliment me and make me feel like I’m valued. I appreciate that Connect has been able to help me through the years with my different jobs, and for me it’s nice to know that Connect is there to always support me.

Kari, Jobseeker

We are not your typical Connect family. I have a husband, and together we have a house, a mortgage, a car and we both work. My Connect support staff, Boris, has been phenomenal and has been there to support me through everything. During COVID, when I and my husband both faced lay-offs, Boris helped us understand what to do and come up with options to deal with it. He has really been there supporting us the whole way, and has personalized his support to meet the needs of me and my family. If you are looking for an organization that will really be there to support you, or one of your family, Connect is the place to go.

Heidi & Jon, Jobseeker & Spouse

Working with connect has been a fantastic experience, their support has helped me grow as a person and also in my role at Plato’s Closet. The support I’ve received has been phenomenal, the tools that they have gave me while working at Plato’s Closet has helped me become confident in my role.

Jessica, Jobseeker

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